About Us

LUX M LTD does not manage money (FIAT currency).
LUX M LTD does not sell derivatives or securities linked to cryptocurrencies (ETNs).
LUX M LTD manages exclusively capital in genuine unregulated cryptocurrency.
Our own corporate capital invested in cryptocurrency is always higher than the one of other STAKERS and, at the time of launching of the cryptocurrency management platform (unregulated Altcoins only) the Company operates 100% with its own capital.
LUX M LTD has set a maximum threshold of third-party cryptoassets that may possibly be administered in the future that will never exceed 90% of the entire managed mass, thus at least 10% of cryptoassets administered by LUX M LTD will always be own share capital.
As a function of these prudential rules of financial self-regulation to which LUX M LTD has self bound, there is no regulatory obligation to submit to Supervision Regulation and Rules.
However, LUX M LTD, in compliance with the rules on financial transparency and the Anti Money Laudering Regulation, even if not required, has applied for registration with the FCA - Financial Conduct Authority (application n° 0002634041), in order to voluntarily submit to the supervision of the regulatory body.