How to Start

Not sure how to get started with our platform?

Read the simple steps below to start investing with us.
If you have not yet registered your account on our platform, perform these 3 steps before proceeding.

1) Click the link as in the picture or click HERE .

2) Enter (a) email and (b) password and then click the (c) button as in the picture.
3) Fill out the profile and proceed.

If you want to register your individual account you have two options.
- What are Cryptocurrencies?

A cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency created through a code system. Cryptocurrencies operate autonomously, outside of traditional banking and government systems.

Cryptocurrencies are very different from traditional fiat coins. Nonetheless, you can buy and sell them like anything else.
- How to buy Cryptocurrencies?

This is a question that many ask themselves. There are many ways to buy a cryptocurrency: you can use your credit card or make a bank transfer through one of the many companies that allow it called Exchange, or you can buy it through a private person.

In the following steps you will see step by step how to buy a cryptocurrency on COINBASE : the simplest website for those who want to start buying cryptocurrencies.
- Registration
Register at COINBASE by clicking HERE .
- Fill in the form

Fill out the form by entering your name, surname, email and password.
Proceed by clicking on the "Accept" buttons
- Confirm email

Coinbase has sent you an email that you will need to open in which you will find a link to click that will automatically verify your account.
- Buy Cryptocurrencies

The next step is to buy cryptocurrencies, you can do it by directly clicking the link in the menu as in the photo below and then select the crypto to buy.
- Proceed with the purchase

After selecting the crypto to buy (Litecoin), click on "Overview" and enter (in the column on the right) the relative amount to proceed with the purchase, then clicking on the "Buy" button.
- Send the Cryptocurrency

Select the crypto from your wallet and enter the relative amount (in the column on the right) to proceed with sending, then clicking on the "Proceed" button.
- Receive Cryptocurrency in the LUX M wallet

After logging in to the platform, click on the "Deposits" section in the menu of your account and select the crypto to receive.
- Proceed with the payment

Copy your address or scan the QRcode provided by the LUX M platform and enter it in Coinbase to proceed with sending the crypto.
- Waiting

Leave the LUX M page open and wait for the cryptocurrencies sent to be credited to the LUX M wallet.