Site update.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Changed the design of the Login page.
Updated to Ratings page.
Updated the page How to open an account.
Added the page:
-LUX M Scammer.
Site upgrade.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Changed the menu setting.
Page added:
-Make a Deposit.
Changed the design of the News page.
Added support online chat.
Site upgrade.
Fixed some bugs in the daily interest payments.
Updated the Privacy Policy.
Updated Cookies.
Updated the rules of the Bounty.
Update new version of Banner .
Updated the profit calculator with the COMPOUNDING calculation and changed the design.
Check our Quality pages added:
-ISO 9001.
-ISO 27001.
-ISO 37001.
Site upgrade.
Fixed some bugs.
Page added:
Updated Terms of Service.
New communication channels added:
Registration policy changed: registration is faster.
Added new Banner (250 x 250).
Added new Sponsor.
Faster deposit transactions.
The method of crediting profits has changed.
Added the Compounding mode in the Investment section.
Investment pack design changed,% compounding added.
Site upgrade.
Fixed some bugs.
Pages added:
Changed BASIC plan, reduced min. investment from 250 USDT to 200 USDT.
Site upgrade.
Fixed some bugs.
Changed design of the site.
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