Referral Plan

Receive a reward for every friend you refer LUX M LTD to, equal to 10% of their trading fees!
  • No referral limit - You can introduce as many friends as you want; you and your friends will always be rewarded every time you introduce a new friend.
  • Bonus credited instantly every day - Referrer and Referred will receive their bonus immediately once all the conditions are met, seeing it credited directly to their wallet daily, forever.
How do I refer others to LUX M LTD?
1. Go to the Referral page, after logging in and registering to your account

2. Copy your referral link and share it with your friends, they will have to register using that link.

3. The referral program is a dependent platform: as it can only be used by the user of the official LUX M LTD website, the referred friend must have an account on the same platform as his referrals.
What do I get for successfully referring new users to LUX M LTD?
You will be credited with a CONTINUOUS bonus for ALWAYS on trading commissions (in practice the bonuses are calculated on the profits of the investment plans that the “new friend” subscribes to).

Bonus referral example. All sum in USDT.
Plan Name Amount Invested Daily Bonus Tot. After Plan Expiration
BASIC 250 0.025 0.55
SMART 1000 0.20 13.2
VIP 5000 1.50 198
ELITE 10000 4.0 1056
PREMIUM 20000 10.0 5280

The referral bonus, credited in USDT, is based on the first USDT amount invested by the referring friend; bonus which is obviously increased every time the referred friend purchases one of the available packages.

Trading fees
You are entitled to PERMANENT cryptocurrency PAYMENTS from trading fees.

Referral trading fees
Calculated as 10% of the net trading commissions on the staking of the referred friend until the package expires, or for the entire period that the referred friend leaves one or more packages active on the LUX M LTD platform. Paid once a day in the referrer's USDT balance, covering all referred friends.
How to qualify for the referral bonus or trading fees?
Referrals can share their referral link without limits. Usually the referrer is already a registered subject and therefore the arrival of new referred friends involves the immediate encoding of these new members of the network.
Once the referrer purchases one of the investment packages, the referral bonus will be credited to the contact person from the first payment.